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Prophetic Training Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, Mentoring, and much more!

30+ years combined experience, we will personalize your training needs, 

      • 1 or 2 days to 4-6 weeklong Workshops and Seminars
      • Conference workshops and training sessions, and
      • School of the Prophets

Our workshops and seminars are packed with hands on experience, manifestation, and activation.

We train our students to minister the Word of The Lord with confidence, accuracy, and above all, in Love!

About Your Instructor/Trainer

Marilyn McGary is a powerful prophetic voice for our time. 

She has a genuine love for God's people and His Kingdom!

As an Apostolic Prophet her focus is on training and equipping the Saints of God. 

Prophet Marilyn delivers a relevant and revelatory word which brings forth deliverance and spiritual breakthrough in the lives of God’s people. She flows under a unique Apostolic, Prophetic Teaching anointing which is effective in breaking barriers and false paradigms in order to rebuild, establish, equip, and prosper those to whom she is called and sent.

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