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Calling All Seers

March 20, 2023

Calling all seers!

I have removed the scales from your eyes to cause you to see in the spirit with accuracy. See The Word of The Lord and prophecy!

Open your mouth and speak thus saith The Lord. Open your mouth and I will fill it, says The Lord. Sweet as honey, pure as vapor from the dew that is released before the outpouring of rain, so shall your words flow from your innermost being. Yeah, like rivers, rivers of living water to feed a dry and thirsty soul. Words that will penetrate the Hearts of men, words that will bring about deliverance, words that will destroy the yoke of the enemy. Drink, drink, drink - let Me refresh you, let Me renew your soul. Let Me mold you into that vessel that I can use says God, and you will be authentic and relevant in the days in which you are living and that are coming. Trying times, hard times will require a Word from the Lord like never before. So, rise up, rise up, stand tall and see The Word of The Lord, says The Spirit of Th

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