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The Last Days..

Word of The Lord, 2/22/23

The last days will be tremulous- trying times especially for The Church.

As many shields of The Living Jesus must come down. Life as we know it will be changed, completely different. As the new world order and the Antichrist come on the scene. Make your calling and election sure. The Spirit is groaning and moaning making intercession for the manifestation of the true sons of God to rise up and take their place in victory. My anointed ones will take their place as the Church must be about My business, kingdom business like never before. Assignments are being released; posts are being filled. My Church will be a glorious church in these latter days. The Word of The Lord will be fresh will be new will be delivered in great promise and might. Many will be saved, and many will be lost. Angelic forces will rage war in the heavenlies against the kingdom of darkness and prevail. The war is on says The Lord! And it will be won says God! Not by might not by power, but by My Spirit says The Living God.

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