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We are at War!

June 2024

Rachel and her twin boys in the womb - that is the birthing I am bringing forth in My Church says The Lord two nations two dispensations (apostles and the prophets) with distinct purposes. They are opposing one another! But we must be unified! I am authenticating My people in this hour says God! Filling them with My purpose - we must wait on The Lord for our instructions and strategies.2 groups of people. The sheep nations and the goat nations. They must come forth for the fullness of time to be manifested in the earth. The time to occupy the Kingdom of God to reveal the return of My Son. The Church must pray to push them out so this prophecy will be fulfilled.

Escape mediocrity, you are getting too comfortable just waiting to be heard. Stand up and release what Says The Lord at all cost. My voice must be heard, and the new sound released. The sound of the lion, let the lion roar! This is the time of war The Lord of Vengeance is on His Throne releasing His judgement in the land. Are you a sheep or a goat? It is time to take your place in the Kingdom of God! Shoulder to shoulder we are moving forward. Step by step we are taking the land! Come and get in place, come and get your strategy and the spoils!

Says the Spirit of The Living God.

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